My name is Beth Johnson and I am a 35 year old Fantasy Artist and Illustrator who resides in Houston, TX.  I have been creating things for as long as I can remember being able to hold a pencil and have always had a love for all things fantastical!  

I have always wanted to create and teach for a living, so when I was 18 I began a career teaching pre-kindergarten children.  I did this for nearly 14 years, but always had a desire to teach art in a highschool setting.  In 2015 I left my job to pursue my art education degree.  Life does take some funny turns, and instead of finding myself teaching art in a school, I found myself becoming an EMT instead.

The desire to teach and create never left, and it was shortly after I took my first EMS job that I was introduced to the world of live streaming.  There was my chance to teach and create, and so through many tears and frustrations, ups and downs, and BIG successes, I settled in to this new and crazy career and path I never once thought I'd find myself in.  

I get to live my dream and calling!  I can teach people about my craft and create at the same time, and that to me is worth its weight in gold.  

Welcome to my world!  I'm so glad you're here!

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All photos on this site were taken and created by Beth Johnson.